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Weed Control at the Community Garden & Nursery

May 11th, 2017 | Posted by Julia Siegel in GreenNews


The Rutherford Green Team passed a resolution on their monthly meeting May 10, 2017 that recommends the most sustainable and green operations method for controlling weeds at the greater area of the Community Garden and Tree Nursery.  The recommendation was sent to the Mayor, Council, Shade Tree Commission and Department of Public works asking for their urgent consideration of this advice and prevent the needless application of any synthetic herbicides at the site.

Resolution to Ban the use of pre-emergent herbicides

The Green Team is an advisory committee to the Borough that was established by resolution in 2009 with the Mission to advise the borough council on ways to improve operations with “Green” initiatives which are economically and environmentally sound through research and evaluation.

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Are you curious about better ways to control weeds and fertilize your own back yards?  The Green Team joins the Borough’s encouragement to homeowners to help participate in source reduction efforts by “Cut and Leave It” with your grass clippings this Grass Growing Season.  Grass clippings act as a natural fertilizer, reduce the need for trucks to haul away clippings (reducing the overall carbon footprint) and you expose yourself to fewer toxic materials.  For more information on Rutherford’s Cut and Leave it program, see the Borough’s Recycling Information or the NJ DEP’s Source Reduction information.

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