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Grass Growing Season

May 31st, 2014 | Posted by Rutherford Green Team in Uncategorized

At the Green Team, we’ve been feverishly finishing up our re-certification process for Sustainable Jersey.  There are a couple of actions that although are part of what we already do in Rutherford, some aren’t always known.  As the weather has turned warmer and the grass around town has begun to grow, I thought it’d be a good idea to remind folks of a critical way they can reduce our waste-stream by Cutting & Leaving your grass clippings.  In doing our homework we were alerted to the fact that in NJ we are averaging a 4% increase annually in the amount of solid waste generated.  Although the tonage of recycling has also increased, the waste stream is growing faster than the State’s ability to recycle it according to Sustainable Jersey.  So why recycling is important, reducing the amount or our waste is even more important.

You can help in this effort by leaving your grass clippings where they lay.  Grass clippings decompose quickly, returning valuable nutrients back to the soil.  The State of NJ has laid out all the answers to your questions and concerns here.  And you need not worry about Thatch, research has shown that grass roots are the primary cause of thatch, not grass clippings.  They estimate not only will you be doing good for your community by reducing waste, but it will take you less time (20% less!) by not having to stop to mess with the bags and less money because you don’t have to buy lawn bags.  So why not give it a try!  Every little bit helps!

For more information about Rutherford’s Cut and Leave it program, please see the DPW’s page on Recycling here.


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