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Community Garden

The  Rutherford Green Team wants Rutherfordians to get back into the garden. The community garden, that is.

The Community Garden began about a year ago after the idea had floated around for more than a decade. Green Team member John Hughes helped spearhead the project, and volunteers from Rutherford have come out weekly to help build, maintain and expand the garden, which spans almost the entire block.

In the past year, the Green Team received a $25,000 grant to help expand the garden and install rubber sidewalks, and has had the soil tested (and received favorable results for the soil).

Last year, about six plant beds were spread throughout the area; now 25 beds fill the garden. The tree nursery-lines of newly planted trees that will be replanted in Rutherford when they mature-has grown from a handful of trees to more than a hundred when it will expand all the way to Jackson Avenue.


Some of the beds will be reserved for gardeners from the the Kip Center, for gardeners with wheelchairs, for the Green Team, one each for the Garden Club and the Woman’s Club. Other beds have been reserved for the Food Pantry. The rest of the gardens are available for residents, community organizations or businesses. You are always welcome to come and join us.
The Garden is located at:
280 Erie Ave at Jackson Ave
Rutherford, NJ (next to Katie’s Corner)

Come by and get involved with a great project.

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    • Vanessa says:

      I don’t know about any plans, but I built some elevated beds by tankig a piece of 5/8 treated plywood and building a stand for it out of 4 4 s. The stand has to be pretty stout, it will be holding a lot of weight. Build the frame first then set it on the legs, It has six legs. I have a full frame around the outside with two cross pieces evenly spaced from end to end. I cut sides and ends out of another piece of plywood 16 tall and then attached them to the floor by running a 2 2 around the edge , set back far enough so that the outside of the sides and ends are even with the edge of the floor. I ran another wall across four feet from each end and stiffened that with 2 4 s. I used screws throughout that are rated for use in treated lumber.I have three of the beds that are three years old and still going great. Don’t forget to drill holes in the floor for drainage.

  • peri says:

    Hi, just moved to Rutherford and I am delighted to hear about a GREEN TEAM!
    Do you compost?

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