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Bike Ring


Imagine taking a train to Rutherford, grabbing a bike and accessing the entire town, the Meadowlands, the rivers and the sports complex by bicycle. That’s what the Green Team imagines.

The bike ring is being planned to encircle Rutherford and connect with the Meadowlands, the Stadium Complex and other destinations. The Green Team was awarded a technical assistance grant from the National Park Service to help plan and implement the project.

The Green Team will discuss visions for the project, the route, the benefits, funding and answer other questions. Community involvement is needed for a project of this scope and one that could revitalize community spirit and put Rutherford on the map of the greatest towns of New Jersey.

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We are excited to announce the amazing strides and progress we have made in the past year.  Our First Bike Lane has gone in along Orient Way and we look forward to seeing Sharrows popping up on additional streets in the coming year.

 Our first dedicated bicycle lanes along the length of Orient Way bring with them not only safety, transportation and recreational opportunities, but also Responsibility.  “If you build them they will come” is a bike lane mantra and they will come – ridership will increase. Now the Green Team and the Boro must work together to educate our bicyclists, young and old, on bike safety and the rules of the road. As the Rutherford Bike Ring grows throughout the Borough, into the Meadowlands and connects to our neighboring towns we must set an example by safeguarding and teaching our riders.

Final Findings & Report

After more than a year of planning and community outreach and research, the report sponsored by New Jersey Department of Transportation makes several recommendations for Rutherford to incorporate Complete Streets.

Proposed Bike Route Map

Rutherford FINAL Report

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