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The Green Team meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at Borough Hall

The Bike Committee meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm Borough Hall

The Green Team is a group of volunteers in the greater Rutherford, New Jersey area. We advocate for making and keeping the environment we live in safe and protected by taking small steps that make a big impact on the future. We look to build sustainable progress in the Borough of Trees.

The creation of the Rutherford Community Teaching Garden and the award of a $25,000 Walmart Grant were major huge milestones, as was a National Park Service technical assistance grant for the proposed Rutherford Bike Ring.

The Green Team sponsored the first EcoCruise on the Hackensack River and continue to partner with the Hackensack Riverkeeper, Dull Music and other motivated organizations for the wildly successful Pete and Yoshi Seeger Wetlands Preservation Concert Series. The sold-out concert ¬†illustrated our borough’s interest and concern for the environment.

Joining forces with the Rutherford High School Green Team doubled our pool of smart, energetic and inspired (and inspiring!) volunteers. One of our dedicated high school senior members, Khushali Upadhyay, was selected by Al Gore to be a teen presenter for his climate change program. Following her intensive training in Tennessee she returned to the Borough and presented her important information to the Green Team, residents, the Garden Club and other organizations. We wish her the best of luck as she considers attending Yale next year.

Members of the Green Team were also on hand to speak to residents about all things Green at the annual Labor Day Street Fair and the 2nd West End Family Fall Fun Fest. Our exhibits included information on recycling & composting programs, energy conservation ideas, exercise and nutrition, as well as environmental activities for children.

The above milestones and activities brought positive recognition to Rutherford and to our Green Team. Previously certified ‘bronze’ by the Sustainable Jersey Organization we were invited to present on “Successful Sustainable Community Projects” at the NJ League of Municipalities Convention in Atlantic City and are invited to speak about our Green Team in Montclair and in Paterson in the coming weeks.

Throughout this year we have been thrilled and pleased with the depth of interest and enthusiastic response of our residents to all of our activities. This inspiring volunteerism is truly the greatest milestone of the year. We managed to harness the interest and creativity of Rutherford’s residents and involve them in the improvement of the quality of life in the Borough.

It was the volunteers that did all of this. They came and helped build the Garden. They brought their ideas and the energies to the table and made a real difference in the place that we live. Thank you to all of the volunteers. You know who you are and what you did. None of these good things could have taken place without you.

We want to thank the people of Rutherford, the Mayor and Council and our local newspapers for their support in all of our activities and we want to point out that there were many sustainable actions and accomplishments by many organizations within the Borough of Rutherford.

Here we are at the end of a hard year and at the beginning of a new year that may be even tougher. In the year ahead the Green Team plans to continue to grow our sustainable activities. Here are two big ones and we need smart creative people to help with many aspects of these great projects. Please consider getting involved with us.

(1) The Garden must now be organized before opening in the spring. We need the ideas and efforts of those who would like to see the Garden run smoothly and grow. The building is nearly done and it will be time to plant in the spring. What does the community want to do with the Garden.

(2) The Bike Ring is a tremendous opportunity for the Borough to grow its recreational activities and become a bigger part of the Meadowlands region. Safe bicycle routes connecting our downtown, our schools, our athletic fields with our train station and the Meadowlands areas can help to restore Borough pride, bring traffic to our downtown and increase our property values. There is funding and assistance available. We just need to organize and ask for it and the National Park Service will help us.

This list of strong successes along with the high level of support shown to the Rutherford Green Team illustrates the unified commitment of our residents and our local government to sustaining and improving our lives, our environment and the Borough of Rutherford.

We are proud of what we are doing. We would love for you to be a part of our team!

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